Frequently Asked Questions

Owners usually play a variety of roles as they start up the business. Many owners continue to play these roles for too long, becoming overwhelmed as the business’ sales volume grows. In order to scale the business strategically, the owner needs to continually review which tasks can be delegated, eliminated, or automated to free up time to concentrate on building the business. Thryve provides a quality back office and accounting solution to assist the owner.

Some owners struggle to keep a handle on their business’ financial performance. They may have a knack for sales or the operational/production side of their business. The business has been able to get off the ground by relying on these strengths. Thryve adds accurate financial data, insightful reporting, financial review meetings, and tax optimization to the mix in order to set up the business to scale.

Our clients are small business owners from across the United States. Their business size commonly range from startups to $3M annual revenue. At this size, these businesses usually do not employ a full time controller or CFO. Thryve provides the back office financial solution the companies need to drive their business to the next level.

Our clients are excited about the opportunity to continue to expand their business and develop as a leader.

We pride ourselves on providing a personal experience for our clients. We are selective in our choice of clients we take on and value the opportunity to provide a higher quality service to fewer clients.

We want you to be excited to work with your accountant. We are so confident that you will be a raving fan of Thryve after we have worked with you that we are willing to put our money on it. Clients can receive one month refund of their monthly recurring fees if they are not fully satisfied with their Thryve experience.

Thryve believes in a transparent fixed fee model. No surprise bills! Most services are purchased through a monthly fee.

We want you to call us to discuss accounting and business issues without hesitation. Emails, phone calls and meetings related to the particular service purchased are included in the monthly fee.

We understand the importance of responding promptly to your requests for assistance. Our general practice is to respond to emails or phone calls within 24 hours.

Thryve does not have a minimum length contract. You can cancel your Thryve services at any time.

Our goal is to provide the top 10% of the value a full time CFO would provide the small business. The core feature of the service is accountability meetings. These monthly or quarterly meetings between you and Thryve grant you the opportunity to step back and understand your business from a strategic viewpoint. Meeting content is customized to your business including financial performance review, trends, goal setting and KPI tracking. Other fractional CFO services include product profitability analysis, stakeholder reporting and forecasting. As with the other services, fractional CFO clients benefit from access to a trusted financial resource when important issues arise in their business.

Although services can be purchased individually, clients choosing to purchase multiple services receive an integrated solution. For example, bookkeeping produces the accurate and timely data to be analyzed in the monthly meetings leading to strategic action items.  Tax planning is woven into meetings throughout the yearly cycle and considered at the individual transaction level during bookkeeping.